The Pennine Way

This is the Pennine Way Page. It features an interactive map that is intended to help anyone planning a hike along the trail to plan the each days walking. To this end the path is clearly marked with alternating red and orange sections. Each section is 2 miles long except the north most section into Kirk Yetholm, which is 2.25 miles.

Planning a walk on the Pennine Way The Pennine Way starts in Edale in the Peak District, and ends at Kirk Yetholm in Scotland. Most people choose to walk this direction. The total distance covers 268 miles and mostly follows the Pennine mountain tops from the Peak District, through the Yorkshire Dales, briefly joining the Hadrian’s Wall Path, and on to the Cheviots The train station at Edale is about a half mile from the start of the Pennine Way. At the far end Kirk Yetholm is a tougher nut, the best bet seems to be to get a bus via Kelso to Berwick-on-Tweed, where there is a good train service. Bus transport to Edinburgh is also available.

Standard Sections The trail is typically divided into the following sections, each section representing a day’s walking. There is obviously no obligation to stick to this breakdown, and with this in mind the map below indicates the trail in two mile sections (alternating red and orange lines). This allows you to quickly choose a day’s walking by counting sections up to the distance you feel comfortable with.

Day 1, 16 miles: Starting in Edale and heading up the valley of Edale through Upper Booth and on to Jacob’s Ladder. After Jacob’s Ladder the trail is on the mountain track and turns north to Kinder Low and Kinder Downfall where it turns North-West to Mill Hill. The trail then switches to North-East, crossing the A57 and then bend back North to Bleaklow Head. From here it goes North, then West, then North by Torside Cough and descends to Torside Reservoir and finishing at Crowden. Cumulative ascent = 850m. Cumulative Descent = 870m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 6 hours, 45 mins. Southwards: 7 hours, 5 mins

Day 2, 11 miles: Starting at Crowden the trail climbs steeply to Laddow Rocks (508m), then drops slightly before climbing to Black Hill (580m). This is followed by a 4 mile descent to Blakely Reservoir (285m), interrupted by a slight climb at Wessenden Head Reservoir. The trail then climbs to pass Black Moss Reservoir (407m) before finishing the days walk at Brun Clough Reservoir. The walking is mainly over narrow hill track, often with some protection in place to prevent erosion. Cumulative ascent = 660m. Cumulative Descent = 510m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 4 hours, 46 mins. Southwards: 4 hours, 31 mins

Day 3, 15 miles: From Brun Clough Reservoir the trail climbs slightly to Millstone Edge (444m), heading mainly North and crossing the A460 after about 2.25 miles. Another 2.25 miles brings the trail across the M63 beside the Windy Hill transmitter. The trail then climbs to Blackstone Edge (466m) and then back down to Blackstone Edge Reservoir beside the A58 (370m). From hear the trail doesn’t climb or descend significantly, passing Light Hazzles and Warland Reservoirs (367m) on to Stoodley Pike (394m), after which is descends steadilly over 2.5 miles to Charlestown (114m). The walking is mainly over narrow hill track, often with some protection in place to prevent erosion. Cumulative ascent = 500m. Cumulative Descent = 770m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 50 mins. Southwards: 6 hours, 17 mins

Day 4, 10.5 miles: This day starts with a steady climb Northwards over a mile to Pry Hill (330m) followed by a descent through Colden Clough (262m) and back up to High Gate (367m). Gorple Lower Reservoir turns up 2.25 miles and a 100m descent later. Then a steady climb over 7 or so miles brings the trail to Withins Height (450m) and Top Withins (417m). The finish line at Ponden Reservoir (260m) is 2.5 miles further on. The walking is mainly over narrow hill track, often with some protection in place to prevent erosion. Cumulative ascent = 640m. Cumulative Descent = 500m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 4 hours, 34 mins. Southwards: 4 hours, 20 mins

Day 5, 12 miles: The first 2.5 miles climb (mainly Northwards) initially through farmland and some road, then onto moorland and a peak of 438m. It then descends to farmland again, passing Cowling and reaching 200m shortly after. It then climbs over Cowling Hill (305m) to Lothersdale where a steady climb brings the trail from farmland and lanes to moorland again, peaking at Pinhaw Beacon (383m). Then a steady descent re-enters field/lane walking finishing up at Thornton-in-Craven (156m) a little over 2.5 miles after Pinhaw Beacon. Cumulative ascent = 620m. Cumulative Descent = 740m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 2 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 14 mins

Day 6, 10.5 miles: From Thornton-in-Craven the trail follows a laneway North, then cuts across fields to the Leeds-Liverpool canal which is follows past East Marten (1.5 miles from the start point) where there is a double arched bridge bridge for the A59. The next couple of miles are through farmland before crossing the railway and a couple of fields further on is Gargrave. Out of Gargrave the trail heads Northwest up over Eshton Moor (205m) (which is more pastoral than the previous moors) and on to Airton (170m). The trail then follows the river Aire, past Hanlith Hall, Windy Pike (225m) and on to Malham (200m). Cumulative ascent = 310m. Cumulative Descent = 260m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 4 hours, 1 mins. Southwards: 3 hours, 56 mins

Day 7, 14.4 miles: From Malham a gradual Ascent to 380m over 5 miles passes by some spectacular scenery at Malham Cove (a less gradual part of the ascent takes place here) and Ing Scar, then on to Malham Tarn (402m). Beyond Malham Tarn a 2.5 mile climb reaches Fountains Fell (662m). Over the next 3.5 miles the trail drops to 422m and then climbs Pen-y-Ghent (694m). From Pen-y-Ghent a 3.5 mile descent reaches Horton-in-Ribblesdale (235m). Cumulative ascent = 850m. Cumulative Descent = 820m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 6 hours, 13 mins. Southwards: 6 hours, 10 mins

Day 8, 13.5 miles: From Horton-in-Ribblesdale the trail climbs a quick 150m through farmland into moorland and stone walls and has largley flattened after a mile. This continues for about 2.25 miles to Ling Gill Bridge (347m), where a steady ascent over 5 miles passes Cam End on to Dodd Fell (668m). About 1.5 miles further on the trail descends steadily over 2.5 miles to Hawes (242m). Cumulative ascent = 500m. Cumulative Descent = 490m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 20 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 19 mins

Day 9, 12.3 miles: The first 1.5 miles from Hawes to Hardraw are nice and easy, flat through lanes and fields. From Hardraw the trail climbs over about 5 miles through open moorland and blanket bog that becomes increasingly rocky to Great Shunner Fell (716m). There are many stretches of the trail with protection to prevent erosion, mainly in to form of slabs of stone laid down in a path. Soon after the trail swings around to the East (joined with the Herriot Way) descending over 3.5 miles to Thwaite (278m). Not long after Thwaite the trail swings back to the North above Swaledale, climbing over a hill (426m) and then back down to Keld (304m). Cumulative ascent = 730m. Cumulative Descent = 650m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 19 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 11 mins

Day 10, 10.5 miles: The trail climbs sharply out of Keld, reaching 431m after 0.75 miles. It then continues flat over 1.5 miles to Lad Gill where it again climbs sharply to 540m over a mile or so, before descending slightly to the Tan Hill Inn (524m). The trail now swings North East and descends for 4 miles, then turns North again, still heading down for 2.25 miles to God’s Bridge (309m) just before a slight climb to the A66 (359m). Cumulative ascent = 360m. Cumulative Descent = 310m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 4 hours, 6 mins. Southwards: 4 hours, 1 mins

Day 11, 17 miles: From the A66 crossing the trail heads North over a hill (418m), reaching Blackton Reservoir (287m) after 4 miles. A steep climb over another hill (371m) reaches Grassholme Reservoir (280m). Now there is a more serious climb peaking at 440m above Thringarth followed by a sharp descent to the outskirts of Middleton-in-Teesdale (221m). From here the trail turns North West, following the Tees and climbing slowly past Low Force and High Force waterfalls eventually crossing the Tees (353m) near Forest-in-Teesdale. Cumulative ascent = 640m. Cumulative Descent = 640m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 6 hours, 44 mins. Southwards: 6 hours, 44 mins

Day 12, 13 miles: The trail now bends around to head West, following the north bank of the Tees, climbing steadily. At Cauldron Snout (466m) below Cow Green Reservoir the trail crosses the Tees and continues West, climbing a little more steeply to 584m (about 6.7 miles after setting out from Forest-in-Teesdale). About 2.5 miles from here the trail encounters High Cup Nick (555m) which it follows along the Northern edge for 1.25 miles before descending sharply through farmland and laneways to Dufton (191m). Cumulative ascent = 430m. Cumulative Descent = 590m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 23 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 39 mins

Day 13, 19.25 miles: From Dufton the trail turns back North East, initially nice and easy through farmland before becoming quite steep climbing to Knock Old Man (792m) nearly 5 miles out of Dufton. Here the trail turns due North to and heads across moorland and track to Cross Fell (893m) where it turns sharply to follow a generally Northeasterly descent over 7.5 miles into Garrigill (346m). From Garrigill the trail turns North West to follow the South bank of the Tyne before crossing to the North bank and heading North to Alston (281m). Cumulative ascent = 1020m. Cumulative Descent = 920m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 8 hours, 7 mins. Southwards: 7 hours, 57 mins

Day 14, 16.5 miles: Heading North from Alston the trail detours briefly away from the Tyne to climb two hills (342m) near Whitley Castle Roman fort and then retuns to the Tyne valley where it pretty much remains for the next 7.5 miles until Lambley after which the Tyne valley tends to the East, passing just south of Haltwhistle. From the A689 crossing near Lambley the trail heads mainly North (with a couple of short sections West and East) to the B6318 (139m) just North of Geenhead. From here the Pennine way joins the Hadrian’s Wall Path for a time. Cumulative ascent = 540m. Cumulative Descent = 670m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 6 hours, 24 mins. Southwards: 6 hours, 37 mins

Day 15, 6.7 miles: From the B6318 crossing the trail heads East down a path and over the railway. It soon nears Thirwall Castle and then crosses a bridge on the left, skirts around a wood and then out into fields with a steady climb. At the road it turns South for a short while and then East again into Walltown Quarry (209m). From Walltown Quarry it climbs onto Walltown Crags (max 268m) and then back down through farmland, passing Aesica Roman Fort in a field, to Cawfields Quarry (179m). The trail then climbs Cawfields Crags and passes Caw Gap and on to Winshields Crags (328m also a trig point). A short gentle descent from here brings the trail to a road crossing (280m) above Once Brewed. Cumulative ascent = 340m. Cumulative Descent = 190m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 2 hours, 48 mins. Southwards: 2 hours, 33 mins

Day 16, 14.5 miles: From the crossing the trail climbs up onto Highshield Crags (266m) above Crag Lough, passing Sycamore Gap. Then the trail descends to Hotbanks Farm (244m) and then up onto Hotbanks Crags (309m) before descending again to a gap where the pennine way parts company with the Hadrian’s Wall Path (Housteads Roman Fort is a little further along the Hadrian’s Wall Path from this point and worth the detour). The trail now changes direction from East to North, striking out across the moorland and descending for about 1.25 miles where it then meets a track and starts to head uphill again into increasing levels of forestation. After 1.5 miles the trail passes into moorland again (320m) and starts downhill. Forest claims the trail again not long after, but only briefly. Moorland gives way to farms after 4.5 miles, near Horneystead and Lowstead and the descent continues until the Shitlington Crags (189m) are encountered where a sharp climb is continued to the top of a hill near a relay station mast. After this a staedy descent culminates in Bellingham (118m). Cumulative ascent = 420m. Cumulative Descent = 580m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 32 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 48 mins

Day 17, 15 miles: The trail heads North from Bellingham, climbing through famland to moorland passing Hareshaw House (288m) after about 3 miles. The climb continues for a further 2 miles to Whitley Pike (356m) and then undualtes a little up adn down for 5-6 miles, passing Brownrigg Head (365m) and passing into some more forestry. Shortly after this the descent begins, interrupted only by a small hill (304m), flattening out near Blakehope Burn and giving a nice easy 2.25 mile flat into Byrness (224m) Cumulative ascent = 610m. Cumulative Descent = 500m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 6 hours, 1 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 50 mins

Day 18, 13.5 miles: From Byrness the trail climbs shrply in a North East direction to Byrness Hill (400m) and then turnd North again, still climbing, to Raven’s Pike (519m). The trail now descends to the tree-line, following it North until it ends, where the trail turns East and then North when it reaches Chew Green Roman Camps (400m). The trail then undulates up and down for about 3 miles to a mountain rescue hut, all the while swinging around to the North East. After the hut it climbs sharply up Lamb Hill (511m), turns North, then back to the North East to Beefstand Hill (562m). It then bends around further East, passing along a ridge between two steep corries and on to Windy Gyle (619m). About 1.25 miles after Windy Gyle the day’s walk comes to an end at a rough track in the middle of nowhere called Clennel Street(540m). Cumulative ascent = 780m. Cumulative Descent = 470m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 5 hours, 48 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 17 mins

Day 19, 11 miles: From Clennel Street the trail heads North but slowly ascends and bends to an Easterly heading, but after about 3 miles suddenly turns North West (738m) to head to Auchope Cairn (715m). It then descends sharply Westwards, passing a mountain rescue hut (473m) as the ground levels out and the trail swings back North, climbing briefly over The Schil (601m). The descent continues Northwards, again interrupted briefly by White Law (420m) where the trail turns West for a short while, then returns to a Northerly heading, before striking out to North West for the final descent into Kirk Yetholm (113m). Cumulative ascent = 600m. Cumulative Descent = 1030m Naismiths Rule, Northwards: 4 hours, 40 mins. Southwards: 5 hours, 23 mins